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A Pearl District Flashback

A Pearl District Flashback


Welcome to Downtown Self Storage, the Pearl District's locally owned storage facility! We've been members of this community for 30 years, but the Pearl District goes back a lot further than the '80s.

Let's take a look at a little history! 

The west coast rail network ran through Portland (big surprise that the city was and is a shipping hub, "Port-land"), and at the center of the town lay the warehouse district and the little neighborhoods where the workers lived. People lived their whole lives in the Northwest Industrial Triangle, as the area came to be called, working long days on the railway, docks, or the factory and then walking to their home, practically across the street. 

As the nature of American industry changed during WW II, and even more so over the next 50 plus years, so did the previously industrial district.  Warehouses became studios. Artists, seeking low rents, began moving to the area. Galleries and studios followed, and in 1986, 13th Street from Davis to Johnson Street, previously lined with warehouses serving the railroad, officially received a historic designation from the city.

If you're interested in a little more history and information about the Pearl District and the Pearl District Portfolio, please visit the  Website.