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Maximizing Festive Cheer in Limited Space

The holidays are almost here! Hosting your first holiday in a cozy apartment or a smaller space can be enjoyable and a little nerve-wracking, especially when you expect company!

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But don't get your tinsel in a tangle, Downtown Self Storage has tips for how to make the holidays festive and memorable. Our blogs are filled with creative ways to host the perfect holiday celebration, including How to prepare for visiting family and How to be the perfect holiday host

We will be doing a collection of holiday prep blogs, and let's kick it off with the basics!

We're expanding our series, focusing on being a festive and welcoming host in tight quarters. Here are some of our favorite tips for a perfect apartment holiday. 

Don't Procrastinate—Clean As You Go 

It's incredibly stressful to deep clean your apartment or smaller space the day before Grandma arrives for the holiday. Instead, plan ahead and take it one day at a time. Make a list, or add to the calendar: every day, find an area to tidy up. Clean the mirror, the bathroom counter, shower, and toilet on Monday, scrub down the stovetop on Tuesday, et cetera. On the weekend or your day off, try a longer task: swifter down the hardwoods and vacuum the carpets. In one week, the place will look great! With the stress of cleaning out of the way, you'll have to do more of it yourself to dedicate to party planning, decorating, and all the little things that make the holidays so great. We have a few more tips for your cleaning needs in our blog:Time-to-deep-clean

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Don't Be Afraid to Rearrange 

Your space is set up how you like it, but is it set up to accommodate guests? 

You can always return things to normal after the company leaves. Do the geometry: is there a more efficient way to arrange your space to fit the most family and friends? 

Get a folding card table if you have to (there are some reasonably priced six-footers online) if you don't have enough space for a holiday dinner. A cheap tablecloth goes a long way to spruce up an otherwise utilitarian table as well. 

Know Your Limits

If you know your apartment can only fit so many people, limit your invites. You can get the most people in by rearranging your furniture beforehand and setting out all the tables and chairs, but once you know your maximum, stay within it. No one should have to sit on the floor. 

Account for Accessories

It's winter, and in Portland it's usually wet. Your guests will bring umbrellas, coats, and bags, and if you have a shoeless house policy, shoes. All of which take up valuable space. You may need to empty that hall closet or keep a bedroom clear (keep that bed nice and tidy) for your guests to drop off your things. 

If you need space to store that extra table, folding chairs, case of beverages, and whatever else needs a place to hang out before and after the event. No worries, Downtown Self Storage has your back. We've been the Pearl District's choice in storage for three decades, so rest assured your items are in good hands.  

KGW Toy Drive

Starting on November 6th, the KGW Toy Drive begins! Help thousands of local kids have a better Christmas by either making a financial donation at or making donations of physical toys at either Downtown Self Storage location.

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