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Pack Like a Pro

Is a Move in your Future?

Many people are moving right now, whether out of a dorm, a new apartment, or into Portland for the first time, and it's never easy. Moving can be complicated and nightmarish, but it doesn't have to be. Here are a few things you can do at the beginning of your move to make it as easy as possible.


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Don't do Everything all at Once 
Don't stress yourself out! You know the deadline, so you don't have to wait until the night before. Make a list and spend an hour a day packing. Start with the non-essentials, and work room-to-room. 
Don't forget to itemize those items: save and pack, store later, and donate or toss. 


Contact Utilities
Make a list of utility companies for disconnection and set the dates for connection at your new location. Keep the contact information handy, just in case. 


New Addresses
Add a "change of address" task to your list. Address changes to family, friends and services can be made online or through the postal service. It helps to keep a digital or a good old paper file folder of important information like utilities, doctors, dentists, schools and veterinary, etc. Important information can be misplaced in the shuffle of relocating. 


Bring a Day-Use Bag
Moving is exhausting, and the last thing you'll want to do in a new place is sift through boxes searching for your toothbrush. Bring anything you're likely to need immediately (laptop, toiletries, a change of clothes, and your favorite book) in a bag where you'll have easy access. It seems like common sense, but it's the kind of thing that's easy to forget, and unpacking after a long day is a real hassle. 


Fill up those Boxes
Any movement inside of boxes is room for your stuff to be damaged! We always advocate using what you have first: old blankets, newspapers, t-shirts you don't love. Any especially fragile items should be well-wrapped, but this goes for almost everything (books are probably ok). Put the heavier items on the bottom and delicate items on the top. Don't leave room for your stuff to shift around, make sure and fill those cracks with packing peanuts or other cushioning. Plus, it's not a bad idea to use tape on the corners of your cardboard boxes to provide a bit of extra reinforcement. 


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Book Early
If you need a Uhaul or storage unit, don't wait until the last minute. Planning ahead can save time and money! Downtown Self Storage now has Uhauls available to rent at both the Davis and Johnson Street facilities. Call for availability or check online:

Johnson Street: Uhaul Rental 
Davis Street: Uhaul Rental 

Check with our storage professionals for the size of the unit that will work for your needs, and look at the handy self-storage size guide on the Downtown Self Storage website for reference:  Size Guide. 

We also have boxes, tape, and storage supplies on-site for purchase and dollies and hand trucks for rent. 


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Locally Owned and Serving the Community for over 30 Years 

If you need space to store your stuff before or after your move, we're here to help! Downtown Self Storage has affordable units in two historic, convenient Pearl District, Portland locations. Give our self-storage professionals a call or check the Downtown Self Storage website and social media for our special pricing. 

We have multiple-size units at great prices and outstanding on-site self-storage professionals to help find the right solution for your storage needs. We've got you covered.



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