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A Storage Unit Size Guide to Hiding those Holiday Gifts

Is your home feeling like a sardine can with family here for the holidays? Are you stressed about your very energetic nieces and nephews finding your "perfect gifts" hidden in the closet? Don't despair! We've compiled a handy guide to which storage unit can fit which gifts and the extra stuff accumulating every holiday season! 

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Typically, the smaller ones will help, but if a pair of new skis were an item on Santa's list, we've got you covered. And if you're on a budget, don't worry! Downtown Self Storage has competitive prices and sales all year! 

1x6: This is an excellent option if you're just storing a pile of boxes! It's also perfect for hanging that new ski coat, sparkly holiday attire, or even a game console. 

 Downtown Self Storage self storage near me holiday

3x4: For a more robust pile of gifts and the extra bottles of bubbly for New Year's Eve. It has a great deal more floor space, so larger boxes need to be kept out of sight; this size will be perfect!

5x5: The perfect size for holiday decor, a large pile of boxes, or even mid-size extra furniture! If you went all out this season and are gifting a new bike decked with a holiday bow or maybe a paper mache version of the street lamp from "A Christmas Story?" for a holiday event, the 5x5 is a good choice. 

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5x10: While the larger units may not be optimal for a few holiday gifts (unless you've bought someone a snowmobile), it's an ideal size for a storage unit. You'll be surprised at how much stuff fits into a 5'x10'. It's a great size for your 2024 New Year home refresh.

There will be room for that tattered love seat you've had since college or granny's furniture that may not be your style but has so many wonderful memories. And remember, the giant Frosty the Snowman has to go somewhere after New Year's!

 10x10: This unit can fit the furnishings of a one-bedroom apartment. It's a fantastic way to downsize if you're moving in with someone or moving from a larger home to a smaller space. 

Of course, the larger the unit is, the more things you can store: yard maintenance gear, outdoor furniture, sports equipment, or appliances for your home or office can all be stored. 

We even have units up to 20x30 to accommodate the need for a very large space.  

For a more complete guide, visit the Downtown Self Storage Blog and the Downtown Self Storage Unit Size Guide.  And, of course, our fabulous self storage professionals are on hand to help out with any questions or suggestions you may have.

self storage pearl district portland oregon

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Wishing you a wonderful holiday!  The Downtown Self Storage Team

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