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Decluttering After The Holidays

A Fresh Start

We really like to kick off the year with a clean house. There's no guarantee it'll stay that way, of course, but it's always nice to put in the effort. Once the holiday decor has been put away, it feels good to begin the new year with a fresh start.  And there are health benefits to decluttering: an orderly home or office can reduce anxiety and give one a sense of calm. What a terrific way to transition into 2024!

downtown self storage portland oregon pearl district declutter make up beauty

Makeup and Toiletries

Whether it's the 20-pound makeup bag or the dozens of hotel shampoos and conditioners (we won't tell anyone) we all have something we could clear out of the bathroom and bedroom. January is the perfect time for that deep clean. 

Another health note - did you know that makeup expires? Makeup used over a certain period of time can harbor bacteria and cause all kinds of issues. The same is true of many toiletries. Replacing or cleaning your makeup sponges and brushes thoroughly and frequently will avoid problems. Replacing your toothbrush is essential to prevent microorganisms that can multiply on the brush and cause oral infections or health issues. Just swap out the head if you have an electric toothbrush. 

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The Kitchen

Check your sauces! Check behind the pickle jar! How many spices do you have on the shelf from the early 2000's? It's also a safe bet that there's something funky in the fridge. For some excellent kitchen cleaning tips, check out our blog here! The pantry is also a great place to double-check expiration dates - canned items last a long time, but that can of beans from 2003 has got to go. Anything you clear out makes room for fresh food! Follow up by thoroughly checking your fridge and freezer; it's a safe bet that a few items in the back probably need to go. 

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Holiday Decor

It's always sad to box up the holiday decor, but it's time. Ornaments are always tricky. An egg carton is a great way to store small decorations if you need a dedicated ornament box. For the larger ones, if you'd rather not invest in a specialized storage container, we always recommend liberal use of bubble wrap. Winding lights around something like a piece of rigid cardboard or a clothes hanger, will help prevent tangles when you pull them out next year. We have several storage hacks on Instagram  and Facebook that provide ideal and easy solutions for holiday storage.

self storage portland oregon holiday ugly sweater

Holiday Clothes

If you'd prefer to pack away your ugly Christmas sweater or the rather damp Santa costume from Santacon until next year, why not store it? Self-storage is a practical way to save space. Remember: make sure your things are clean before they're stored, and it helps to add lavender sachets or cedar to naturally keep pests off woolen clothes or your costume from the Krampus run! We have more excellent tips on storing winter clothes here.

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The Library or Stacks of Books 

If you are lucky enough to have dedicated room for your books, that's fantastic, but most of us have stacks of books everywhere (can't be helped with Powell's Books right around the corner) and they take up a lot of space. If the passion moves you to "Marie Kondo" your library, for the sake of your back, remember to pack those books in small boxes! Large boxes full of books are heavy! Use silica packets in your book boxes to keep them nice and dry. 

The Perfect Solution for your 2024 Refresh

Whether it's an old Christmas sweater or that set of encyclopedias you received at your college graduation,  Downtown Self Storage has plenty of safe, dry, and clean indoor storage to make your New Year decluttering easy. 

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Specials, Size Guides and Uhaul

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What Size Unit Do I Need?

We've got you covered with a complete guide to various unit sizes on our Downtown Self Storage and the Downtown Self Storage Unit Size Guide.  And, of course, our fabulous self storage professionals are on hand to help out with any questions or suggestions you may have.


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