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Downsizing in the New Year!

It's 2024, and we're nearly a month in. Can you believe it? If you're starting the new year with a new leaf in a smaller space, check out our fun and easy tips for getting your new space in tip-top shape for all the adventures that lie ahead. 

Make the Most of Your 600 Square Feet

If your domicile hovers at 1000 square feet or under, we have a few tips to make your space feel grander than it is. Glass-topped or mirrored tables can open up sight lines and make the space feel larger. Mirrors on the walls can also open up the space. A tall mirror can also make the ceiling feel higher, and mirrors near windows or lights will brighten up the space. Plus, a mirror with a decorative frame is a great way to double-dip and bring in some personality.  

Avoid mid-tone colors when putting up your wallpaper or painting. Instead, opt for either end of the spectrum: light colors will make the space feel more open and, therefore, larger. Because the human eye perceives dark colors as being further away, dark walls will have the same effect. It's worth noting that clashing colors can make the space feel cramped, so make sure you're committed when you pick. This leads us to our next topic. 

Commit to an Aesthetic

Having a cohesive color and style in your home can connect items and rooms together, making your space feel like more than the sum of its parts. Variety makes things interesting, but of course, keeping to the same color palette and style is critical. One of the most important choices is between dark or light wood for furniture. There's a distinct difference between a statement piece and something out of place. We love that the grandma aesthetic is trendy, but the patterns and mismatched pieces have been specifically curated to pull off the look.

Statement Pieces Make Home Feel Like Home

Having a piece of furniture you love is hugely important to making your house feel like a home. But it doesn't have to break the bank. Secondhand stores like the Habitat for Humanity ReStore or Goodwill can be a great place to score. There are also some fantastic boutique spots in the Pearl District, and supporting local businesses is super important. Take a look at the Pearl District Portfolio to discover a list of amazing places where you can go furniture shopping:

Whether it's an armchair, a bookshelf, a rug, or a cool painting, a statement piece draws attention, which can help cover the sins of the existing pieces you're in the process of replacing. 

Rugs Really Do Tie the Room Together

Rugs can help designate a space. If you have a combined living room and kitchen, the area with the rug is officially the living room. Breaking up the space can also make the room feel more extensive, and a fun, patterned rug can make it more welcoming. Don't be afraid to get colorful, too! A red floor covering a room with dark walls can make the space brighter without clashing. A darker rug in a bright room can add a splash of color without being too obtrusive. Try for a rug in each room that isn't a kitchen or bathroom. 

Avoid Clutter and Store Your Stuff

Clutter can really mess with the feng shui of a room. If you're moving to a smaller space but can't bear to get rid of Grandma's armoire, an indoor storage unit is the best way to keep your things safe. At Downtown Self Storage, we have three decades of experience as the Pearl District's first choice in self-storage. So whether it's your baby blanket or your collection of Superman original issues, those fantastic items you can't bear to part with are safe with us! 

Specials, Size Guides and U-Haul

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What size unit do I need?

We've got you covered with a complete guide to various unit sizes on our Downtown Self Storage and the Downtown Self Storage Unit Size Guide. And, of course, our fabulous self-storage professionals are on hand to help out with any questions or suggestions you may have.


Moving and need a truck? We have U-Haul for rent. Contact Downtown Self Storage at either location for U-Haul rental reservations and information. 



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