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Stay Safe For Summer!

Portland is about to turn up the heat! Fear not: the Downtown Self Storage team has some cool tips to keep you and your stuff chill.

Summer is a great time to move to Portland if you want to avoid winter's cold and wet days, but even longtime Portlanders sometimes forget that it can get HOT in July, August, and even September in the Rose City.

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As the 4th of July approaches: the actual kickoff to summer in the PNW, and you are planning a move to the city or maybe just relocating, we have a few tips on how to beat the heat and keep yourself and your things safe. 
That being said, nothing beats common sense, and if you have concerns about your health or other issues, you should contact the appropriate resources for expert advice.

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We know that this seems like common sense, but when moving in in the hot sun, it cannot be overstated. The positive effects of hydration kick in after about 15 minutes. By drinking before you feel thirsty, you can stay more hydrated for longer. If you're spending prolonged periods in the summer heat, the CDC recommends you drink about 8 ounces of water every 15-20 minutes.

Heat Thermometer Pets Storage

The Golden Rule

Please remember that when using a vehicle, temperatures inside the vehicle can be up to 20 degrees Fahrenheit higher than outside the vehicle if the air conditioning is not turned on. This applies to electronics and art, but it is especially crucial to remember for the safety of pets and children. Never leave a child or pet in a hot car, even if you're "just running in for a minute to grab the keys." The result could be devastating.

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Let's Get Physical

Know your physical limitations. Lugging boxes and furniture is hard work in average temperatures, but when you add the heat factor, it can actually be dangerous to your health. Enlist plenty of help with your move (remember to schedule and confirm far in advance) and avoid heavy lifting on your own.

Beat the Heat Moving PDX Pearl District Downtown Self Storage

Be Time-Conscious 

The day will be at its hottest, usually around three, with the high heat from 12 to 5pm. By prioritizing working in the early morning and evening, you can avoid the most intense of the day's heat. 

Also, urban areas retain heat longer due to the high concentration of concrete, asphalt, and other materials that make up a city - it may be helpful to add this factor to your moving time considerations.

Let's Talk Clothing

Lightweight, breathable, loose-fitting clothing made of materials like cotton or linen provides air circulation and moisture evaporation. Light colors reflect heat away from the body, whereas dark colors absorb heat.  

Remember a hat! A wide-brimmed hat can keep the sun off your head and neck: think Crocodile Dundee. And remember your sunscreen!

Crocodile Dundee Downtown Self Storage PDX

Art and Electronics

Prolonged exposure to heat and sunlight can damage both art and electronics. We recommend covering artwork before travel and packing it last so it is the first thing in your indoor storage unit. Sunlight and heat can dry paint, causing it to crack. They can also cause chemical reactions in the paint, causing irreparable damage. 

High temperatures can also damage electronics, particularly smaller, more compact electronics that lack robust internal cooling systems. Think cell phones, laptops, tablets, and thin televisions. 

Ready for more tips? Check out our blog on how to stay safe during a summer move. It's worth reading.

Computer overheating

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