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Summertime Move?

It's gearing up to be a hot summer in Portland. Moving can be challenging under normal circumstances, but moving in mid to late summer with Portland's record-breaking temperatures? Forget it! Combine the heat and smoke we've dealt with over the past few summers, and the idea of moving in late July until mid-September becomes much more daunting. If you do have a mid-summer move scheduled, there is an upside - it's really nice not to lug boxes and furniture in the rain. 

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Start Early in the Day: The morning will be cooler than mid-day, so try and start moving as early as possible to take advantage of the lower temperature. And don't forget to wear comfy, lightweight clothing. 

Bring Snacks and Drinks: Staying hydrated is especially important for a summer move. A cooler full of cold waters and electrolyte-filled beverages can keep morale high through the worst summer heat. Moving burns a lot of energy, so snacks are a crucial way to keep yourself and your helpers moving. Don't forget water for your pets if they need to tag along.

Downtown Self Storage is happy to make your summer move a little easier. We have units in all sizes for your self-storage needs, and we carry moving supplies if you ever need boxes, bubble wrap, or tape. Need to rent a U-Haul? Downtown Self Storage has your back! We have U-haul rentals at both of our Pearl District locations. 

self storage portland oregon summer heat

More Packing Tips

Now that we covered the heat, here's another installment of packing pro tips to make your move easier! We have a couple of earlier blogs chock-full of pro tips to make your move easier, and if you'd like to start from square zero, we recommend you start there: 

Getting Ready to Move? We Have a Few Tips. 

Moving? Downtown Self Storage Is Here To Help!

Shop Around for Movers: If you're looking to hire movers, compare the costs and benefits of different moving companies. It also pays to look inward: what are you looking for? The lowest price is great, but can sometimes lead to a worse result. High-end services have high-end results but are financially out of reach for some. Compare at least three moving companies. Read the reviews. Inquire about their rates. Find the company that's right for you, with the perfect cost/quality ratio. 

Pack Inside Your Pots: As a general rule, use what you already own! Your kitchen pots are no exception: using dish towels for insulation, you can pack all manner of small kitchen items inside pots! Plus, you can keep all your kitchen stuff in one place more efficiently. Don't be afraid to think outside the box... or inside the pot! 

Eat Your Leftovers: Typically, movers won't move perishable food items. Food can also be a hassle to transport. Before moving day, try to eat as many of your leftovers as possible: that half-eaten burrito doesn't need to make the move with you. This is also a fantastic opportunity to go through the 50 half-empty sauces and condiments in the refrigerator door. How many do you really need? 

Bag Your Closet: By cutting a small hole at the top of a 30-gallon trash bag, you can create an improvised clothes bag for hanging garments! It's a super easy way of keeping your nicer clothes clean over the course of a move. Pull the hanger hooks through the hole and hang the whole bunch inside the bag. You can even utilize the bag's drawstring to seal the clothes up! 

Bag and Label: Keep Ziploc bags on hand: things go missing during a move, and when you find a loose screw, a phone charger, or somebody's nail polish, you can tag it and bag it instead of just setting it somewhere. 

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Lift With Your Legs: A hernia or a slipped disk will put a damper on your move. Remember to lift with your legs if you're moving heavy things yourself. Engage your core and keep your back straight. And most importantly: if a box feels too heavy, get someone to help you with it. A bruised ego is better than breaking your furniture or your body. 

Downtown Self Storage - Locally Owned and Serving the Community for over 30 Years 

If you need space to store your stuff before or after your move, we're here to help! Downtown Self Storage has safe, affordable units in two historic, convenient Pearl District, Portland locations! We have multiple-size units at great prices and outstanding on-site self-storage professionals to help you find the solution for your storage needs. U-Haul rentals are available if you need a truck, and don't forget those packing supplies. 

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