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Unlocking the Outdoors 🌞🌊🏔 

The temperature's dialing up to over 80 degrees this weekend! Time to explore the outdoors. Living in Portland has its perks, with beaches and mountains nearby. We can't wait to get outside! 

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Don't Let Lack of Space Impact Your Adventure 

If you are planning a camping trip this weekend for the upcoming holiday, depending on the type of trip, you may need a lot of gear, and keeping a full tent in a smaller space can be challenging. 

Fortunately, we at Downtown Self Storage have safe, secure storage space available in the heart of the Pearl District and offer a variety of sizes to fit your needs, whether perfect for your camping equipment, paddle boards, kayaks, or even your mountain bikes and rack.

Camping Gear Portland Oregon

Keep Things Organized

While it sounds like common knowledge, a little work when storing your things saves a massive hassle the next time you load up. Clear plastic tubs are always nice-they keep items visible-but labels will accomplish the same thing. Put your cookware into one container, your first aid kit and water filters in another, and with labels, you won't be scrambling when it's time to pack up.

The same applies to order and position: store the items you use nearest the entrance of your unit. Items you use less-the triple-insulated sleeping bag, the snow jacket, the splitting maul-can go further in.

Stackable Plastic Boxes Storage Portland Oregon

Keep Stuff Dry

If you've taken a look at some of our past blogs, you'll hear us harping on this: make sure items are dry before you store them. This is true of everything, but especially of fabric, even treated or synthetic fabric like tents and sleeping bags. Moisture can cause mildew growth, and do a great deal of damage. Fortunately, indoor storage units are very safe from the elements. We even recommend placing desiccant packets with your things, just to make doubly sure. 

Stuff Sack Sleeping Bag Portland Oregon

Un-Stuff Your Sack

As it turns out, storing tents and sleeping bags in their stuff sacks can damage them long-term. All of that extra pressure can be damaging: instead, use a larger bag for storage and a stuff sack for when you're off adventuring. A small bag on a sleeping bag can compress the fill, and all that pressure on a tent can crease the fabric and damage the poles. With a larger bag, you incur minimal damage to your critical camping gear. 

Sleeping bags can also hang, which is a great way to really let them breathe. While it's not the most efficient use of space, it's a good way to ensure the bag is really dry before it goes into its storage bag. 

Stand Up Paddleboard Storage Portland Oregon

Storing Large/Awkward Items 

If your crates aren't stackable, shelving comes in handy! But not everything can be stored in a box. We recommend keeping a laundry bin or other receptacle for large tools. We also have a blog on storing your stand-up paddleboards and kayaks: regardless of the size, we have a home for your outdoor gear. 

Hiking Boots Storage Hack Portland Oregon

Take Care of Your Boots 

Hiking boots take a beating! We have a whole blog about boot maintenance, but we recommend the following steps for storage: Make sure your boots are completely dry before cleaning or storing them. When drying, you can remove the soles from the boots to hasten the process, and some people even store their boots sans sole. As with nearly everything else, once dry and treated, we recommend storing them in a watertight plastic bin. 

Don't Let Lack of Space Stop Your Adventure Downtown Self Storage

Local, Clean and Safe Self Storage 

Whether you're packing a kayak, a couple of sleeping bags, or just your old Coleman, we are the perfect place to store your camping gear. For over three decades, Downtown Self Storage has been the go-to self-storage choice in the Pearl District! With two convenient locations in the heart of one of Portland's most creative communities, we've got you covered for all your storage needs. So, if you're looking for safe, clean, affordable, and convenient storage near you, check us out!



Specials are listed on the Downtown Self Storage website, and you can conveniently rent and pay online.


Rent a U-Haul

Moving and need a truck? We have U-Haul for rent. Contact Downtown Self Storage at either location for U-Haul rental reservations and information. Our U-Haul Packing Guide has a few tips to make your move easier. 


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