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U-Haul Packing Guide

Packing a U-Haul Doesn't Have to be Hard

How you pack your moving truck can be the difference between a smooth move and a disaster. 
Few things are worse than unpacking the truck and seeing damaged furniture and broken art pieces. Fortunately, your local Downtown Self Storage pros have you covered! Not only can you rent your U-Haul and buy your moving supplies in one stop at either of our facilities, but we offer a few tips to make your next move go perfectly. 

Downtown Self Storage U-Haul Moving Portland Oregon

Pack Like a Grocery Bag 

Heavy stuff goes on the bottom! There's no point in packing your nightstand on top of the living room vase. Books, heavy-duty furniture, and that box of pots and pans can all form the base layer. These heavy items should also be loaded furthest into the van, toward the cab. This way, their weight will be distributed more centrally in the vehicle, making your moving van or truck handle better on the road. 

Moving van stacked with boxes PDX

Pack Tight, Fill Space

Leaving space around the items you're packing makes sense until you consider that they are in a vehicle that will be moving. Space allows your items to move; the more they move, the more damage they can incur on the road. Unless everything is strapped down, extra space will only cause damage to your belongings. Instead, jigsaw everything as tightly as possible, filling the gas with cushioning material. Moving blankets, flattened boxes, and even that old, ratty sweatshirt all serve this function admirably. 

Moving Van Downtown Self Storage Portland Oregon

Pack in Sections

As you fill up your vehicle, securing everything in place before the end is best. It is recommended that you go section by section, filling and securing each section as you go. This will make it easier to adequately secure all the heavy items you have packed, especially the ones placed first and furthest away from the entrance. For instance, if you put the fridge against the wall, it is better to secure it right away during the loading process, as it will be much easier to secure than after the truck is paacked tight.  

Downtown Self Storage packing van U-Haul

Choose an Organizer 

Coordinate for effective teamwork. Designate some team members to bring items to the truck, then have one team member who stays in the truck as the point person to ensure everything goes where it needs to. It's an efficient process. When the organizer has finished packing something in the truck, the next item is there for them to place. Remember, it's important to delegate!

Downtown Self Storage moving advice food

Thank Your Helpers 

If you have a team of folks helping you with your move (we sincerely hope you do), it's always good form to reward your helpers with cold drinks and a snack. Even professional movers will greatly appreciate a cold Gatorade after a long day of hauling furniture. This step is even more critical if you've enlisted your friends and family. Show your appreciation for their help with your words, food, and drink. 

Contact Downtown Self Storage for U-Haul Rentals 

If your new place has less room than your old one, or you just need help figuring out what to do with that old sofa, Downtown Self Storage is here to help! We've been the Pearl District's locally-owned choice for self-storage for over 30 years. 

Need a truck? We have U-Haul for rent. Contact Downtown Self Storage at either location for U-Haul rental reservations and information.


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